7 Chill-axed reasons to visit Plettenberg Bay

Need to go to a place where everybody knows your name? Lazing along the shores of the Bitou River is just such a place. At Plett River Lodge, you’ll feel as if you’ve come home to your own retreat – home away from home. Plett is arguably one of the most beautiful nature–centric destinations you’re ever likely to find yourself in. With more activities to enjoy than you can shake a stick at, Plett is the perfect choice for your next well-deserved break.

Number 1: a cruise up the Keurbooms River

One of the perks guests at the lodge enjoy, is a good cuppa in the morning whilst seeing and hearing river life as it happens. Take it one step further and book a river cruise with Keurbooms River Ferries and wander at the iconic Keurbooms estuary. Qualified skippers and guides will point out and identify the rich diversity of bird life occurring along the river, the ‘nursery’ areas for many fish species, the specific habitats of the land mammals and the intricate workings of the indigenous forest. This is 5 kilometres of informative and stunningly beautiful cruising to be sure. The trip has all the elements needed for a fantastic adventure, from a stop off on a naturally formed river beach where you can soak up the African sun and enjoy a picnic, to a forest walk where the milkwood giants will enthral you, this is a must do!

Number 2: Stand Up Paddling

If taking to the great open water by yourself is more your speed, then fret not. Hire a boat at the Angling Club and be the captain of your own vessel. Stand Up Paddling or SUP is all the rage and for good reason. Touring the river on one of these wide boards gets you up close and personal with aquatic life, with the added bonus of working your core muscles at the same time. There are various surf schools that hire out SUP boards and will also give you a few tips on the where, when and how.

Number 3: Bird watching at Down to Earth Restaurant

Not every day has to be a hum dinger when you’re on holiday. Once in a while a quiet afternoon spent enjoying your favourite tipple and watching birds fish in the river, is just what the doctor ordered. Down to Earth, the on-site restaurant, will keep them coming, so finish off the perfect day with a sundowner on their deck.

Number 4: Visit the Plett Winelands

Speaking of your favourite tipple…how does a tour of the Plett Winelands sound? The good news is that Plett is fast becoming the popular kid in the boutique vineyard class. Now a wine of origin route, the area is packed with wine and bubbly, fit for a king. Not merely potable, these wines have won several national and international awards. In fact, the area from Harkerville to the Crags, is a veritable trove of ‘grapeness’. The Plett Winelands currently includes more than 18 wine farms and thus the trip is well worth it.

Number 5: Mountain biking through the indigenous forests (you may find yourself cycling with SA champ Kevin Evans)

Mountain biking or MTB’ing, as the throngs of its advocates like to call it, is the fastest growing sport in South Africa and Plett, in particular, is attracting the lovers of the carbon steed by the SUV’s full. Where else can you cut trails through the forest canopy, emerging from the verdant fun park, to ride the golden sands of world-renowned beaches? It’s not always practical to travel with your bike and if you find yourself with a hankering for a ride but your baby is back home, then enquire at The Bike Shop and they’ll have you in the saddle in no time. The area prides itself on having some of the finest cycling routes in the world. Plenty of different terrains covering single track, jeep track, dirt roads and even a pump-track, either through the forest or over farms lands, offers riders of all proficiencies an opportunity to be a part of this exhilarating sport.  

Number 6: Exploring one of the many beaches in Plett

All roads inevitably lead back to the shore. A trip to Plett isn’t balanced until you’ve enjoyed a stroll on one or more of her pristine beaches. The pansy shell is somewhat of local treasure. You might wonder what the beachcombers are doing trolling the sand, bags in hand. Finding either pansy, nautilus or other beautiful shells is a passion of many and before you know it, you’re hooked. So, roll up your slacks and get out there…let the treasure hunt begin.

Number 7: Experience the Big 5 in a malaria-free zone

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that you can go on a safari in Plett and get up close and personal with the Big 5? At Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve, home to not only the Big 5 but also a large variety of other wild animals, you can choose to enjoy a game drive the motorised way or on horseback. Surrounded by a wilderness of wonderful creatures, the game drive is a very popular option for those city slickers who may never get the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat. It’s well worth the trip.

Whatever your choice of activity, be sure to enjoy the hospitality of the folks at Plett River Lodge, where friendships are cemented and holidays are enjoyed, thoroughly.